Some Little Way

Some Little Way, the latest single from Brisbane four-piece Frankenfido, can be summed up in a single word. Disparity. Deception. Paradox. A complete and utter contradiction. What may appear superfically as a lament on a failed relationship is transformed into a study in incongruence.

The 1970’s pop sensibility of Supertramp and the 1980’s progressive stylings of Men At Work enter into uneasy partnership with post-modern rock production which now, more than ever, seeks to evoke and recall the triumphs of old.

Instrumentation collides and settles in uneasy inversions. The music frequently attempts to escape the orbit of its subject matter, yet remains tethered to the reality of the protagonist’s limbo. The final ambitious ascension is ultimately full of pomp and grandeur, but climax is denied by the inevitable clutches of the final fadeout.

Frankenfido convincingly proves yet again that nothing is ever what it seems, or what it doesn’t.