Author: Frankenfido

  • Lost Words

    Lost Words

    It’s the age-old story. Girl meets boy. Boy meets untimely demise. Girl reunites with boy for eternity in suspicious circumstances. All the melodrama, pomp and soaring instrumentation you could want from an ambitious Eurovision entry that failed to live down to the necessary standards! YouTube Bandcamp Spotify

  • Watcher On The Wall

    Watcher On The Wall

    Watcher on the Wall, the sophomore track from Brisbane band Frankenfido, deals with the sacrifice and the moral ambiguity of those who fight our wars. Loosely inspired by Game Of Thrones, its acoustic beginnings foreshadow a big expansive chorus with soaring solos. Definitely ‘5 stars”! released July 29, 2019 Youtube Bandcamp Spotify

  • Purple Shuffle

    Purple Shuffle

    A two-and-a-half-minute romping shot of dopamine inspired by early Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, with an added psychedelic swirl. Pared down from a ten-minute jam, the track promises to expand to epic length in any live performance! YouTube Bandcamp

  • Turn Out The Light

    Turn Out The Light

    Turn out the Light, is Frankenfido‘s first release on the SongTraks label and is nothing less than a powerful mind-bending and pulse-driven track that takes no prisoners and is heartless to the very end! The song is a gothic tale of a man beyond redemption, set to a pounding 80’s disco beat. Turn Out The…